About ezTaxReturn

We opened our doors in 1999.

Before YouTube, before Facebook, even before Michael Jordan retired from professional basketball, ezTaxReturn was created to make doing taxes fast, easy and affordable for average Americans. Now, after more than 17 years, we've:

  • successfully filed millions of federal and state tax returns,
  • proved the effectiveness of our program, and
  • made doing taxes (almost) fun for our customers.

We won't rest on our laurels

Sitting around and resting on past success doesn't cut it. So every year we search for new methods and technologies to make ezTaxReturn the easiest, fastest and best way to do your taxes. Every year we implement changes to existing forms and schedules, and add new forms and features to accommodate the most up-to-date tax laws.

Support for healthcare and more

You need support for the healthcare law (ACA) and we've got you covered. More important, we communicate in a way that doesn't confuse you with tax jargon, complicated tax questions or confusing math calculations. In fact, there are absolutely no math requirements in our program.

After more than 17 years, we've learned a thing or two

With more than 17 years of online tax filing experience, we still don't claim to be perfect, but we think we make doing your taxes faster and easier than any other tax program.

Authorized IRS e-File Provider

ezTaxReturn has been an Authorized IRS e-File Provider since 1999. We belong to a small and select group of tax professionals accepted into the IRS electronic filing program. In addition, we are an approved Electronic Return Originator (ERO) qualified and approved to safely and securely transmit tax return information directly to the IRS.

Are you ready to start your return?