About Us
ezTaxReturn.com was founded in 1999 to make doing taxes quick, easy and inexpensive. Since then we've successfully filed millions of federal and state tax returns, proven the effectiveness of our program, and made doing taxes almost fun for our customers!

Unlike other programs designed and built by CPAs who like to make things complicated; ezTaxReturn.com was built by a team of tax experts, software developers, and communication professionals with decades of experience making complicated information easy to understand. The bottom line is our customers get the most stress-free e-file experience possible.

Over more than ten successful seasons as an Authorized IRS e-file Provider and IRS partner, ezTaxReturn.com has been consistently recognized as one of the most user-friendly online tax programs. With a ceaseless commitment to our product and customers, we continue to build a loyal family of repeat users and continue to get greater than 99% customer satisfaction - year, after year, after year. To learn what customers say about ezTaxReturn.com, in their own words, please click here.

ezTaxReturn.com headquarters in Garden City, NY.